My Story

I cut my teeth on conventional advertising, and was fortunate to have worked at some of the most storied ad agencies in the history of the business (Chiat/Day, BBDO). What I learned was not just how to make neat stuff, but how to make strategically sound neat stuff. 

Like a lot of my contemporaries, I was initially skeptical about Facebook and Twitter. But rather than dismiss them as fads, I studied them. And learned how they –– along with Instagram, Pinterest, and other social media platforms –– can not only support an existing brand, but build a new one. 

The key is content. 

Our digital society has reached a point where novelty is no longer enough. Just having a Twitter feed or a Facebook page doesn’t move the needle. If anything, they're table stakes.

What brands need now is what has always worked: A sound communication strategy. And distinctive, consistent execution against that strategy.

That’s what I provide. in conventional media as well as digital, in words as well as pictures.